Ban on noise pollution through use of various types of musical instruments and firecrackers in Patiala district

Patiala, June 9:
Additional District Magistrate Gurpreet Singh Thind, in exercise of powers vested under Section 144 of Faujdari, Jabata, and Sanghata 1973 (Act No. 2 of 1974), to prevent noise pollution by the use of various musical instruments and firecrackers within the limits of Patiala district Proliferation ban orders have been issued, which will remain in force until August 4, 2023. According to orders, on the occasion of meetings, rallies, protests, etc. conducted by the leaders and office bearers of various political parties, organisations, and managers of any NGOs, private, social, religious, or commercial organisations or institutions, etc., for the use of loudspeakers in any building, public places, open spaces, pandals, etc. by the office bearers on the occasion of various programmes, events, etc., marriages, happy occasions, etc., marriage palaces, clubs, etc. DJ in hotels and open places, etc. Orchestras, musical instruments, etc. shall not be played without the written approval of the concerned Sub Divisional Magistrate, subject to the conditions laid down in the Punjab Instruments (Control of Noise) Act, 1956. playing any of the said sounds and musical instruments, etc., in any building or place from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. despite taking permission to play loud speakers and any other musical or audio instruments, etc. There will be a total ban.

According to the orders issued by the Additional District Magistrate, any person, despite taking permission from the concerned Sub-Divisional Magistrate, in the places where these loud speakers, audio/musical instruments, etc. will be played, the sound of the programme or ceremony, religious places, and the noise standard prescribed for various locations in the notification dated 14/2/2000 issued by the Government of India under the “Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000” should be within the perimeter of the building enclosure (acoustic standard of the place concerned) should not in any case exceed Any sound or musical instrument, machine, etc. whose sound generated by its operation exceeds the sound limit prescribed for various places will be strictly prohibited. These orders will remain in force in the district until August 4, 2023.

In the order issued by the Additional District Magistrate, it has also been stated that, in compliance with the guidelines issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India regarding prevention of noise and environmental pollution and in the public interest, any firecrackers that, when set off, emit 125 dB within a radius of four metres from the location are prohibited. (AI) or 145 dB (C) PK. There will be a total ban on making, selling, and storing firecrackers that create more noise or threat, emit more smoke, and pollute the environment. Apart from this, there will be a complete ban on the manufacture, sale, and use of banned explosive material in firecrackers. This restriction shall not apply to firecrackers producing prescribed sounds and colours or lights. Apart from this, there will be a complete ban on the firing of firecrackers by anyone at any place from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Firecrackers shall be strictly prohibited within a 100-metre silence zone declared by a competent authority such as a ministry, environment, forest, hospitals, educational institutions, courts, religious institutions, etc. There will be a complete ban on blowing horns in any place, vehicles, etc. from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., except under special circumstances. Apart from this, there will be a complete ban on playing any kind of pressure horn, horn with different sounds, music, or causing any kind of noise pollution at any place. There will also be a complete ban on the manufacture and sale of pressure horns and other horns that cause noise pollution.

According to the Prohibitory Orders, the management or owners of any building, commercial place, public place, cinema, mall, hotel, restaurant, or fair, under any circumstances, must play any loud and threatening music and obscene songs completely. will be banned.
According to the orders issued by the Additional District Magistrate, in any firecracker factory or unit located in Patiala district, only firecrackers of specified size and sound or threat producing as per the guidelines issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India regarding the prevention of noise pollution and environmental pollution shall be prepared. will be done. There will be a complete ban on firecrackers producing noise or a threat above the prescribed sound limit, causing pollution in the environment, and making prohibited explosive materials. Legal action will be taken against those who violate these orders.